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Lake Gaston Association Organization Information

The majority of the Lake Gaston Association's work is done at the committee level. Issues or concerns affecting the lake and our members generally fall under one or more of our committees, depending on the nature and scope of the matter. As a board, the LGA directs its efforts to those issues of a lake-wide nature, but county-specific issues are addressed by the five county directors. Our activities tend to fall within one of the areas designated in our "Focus Items" link.

In February 2006, and again in October 2009, the LGA surveyed its members via email to solicit input on the areas the LGA should rank as a top priority for activity. The Results of the Focus Items Survey are provided HERE.

LGA Organization Information

  • Activities +

    Some of the past and current activity where the LGA has become involved, represented, and influenced decision makers on issues and concerns include: aquatic weed control, community and water safety, environmental issues, fishing quality, water levels, boating safety, county services, government funding, taxes, land and water zoning, and the past relicensing process. 
  • Board of Directors +

    Members of the Lake Gaston Association are represented by a Board of Directors, composed of five directors representing each county, of which no more than one position may be filled by an at large director (a director who is not required to own property in the county he is representing).
  • County Coordinators +

    One Director in each county serves as the County Coordinator of that county’s Directors. He is responsible for organizing and directing the activities of his Directors, including assigning Directors to cover government meetings, writing or reviewing meeting reports to share with LGA members, and meeting as needed to determine plans of action concerning county issues and concerns. The County Coordinator
  • Committees +

    Most of the actual work of the LGA is done within its six committees – four of which (Lake Environment, Safety, Lake Clean Up, and Government Relations) are operational, and two (Marketing & Membership and Nominating) are administrative/support. The Education Committee is currently inactive.  Committees are composed of Directors and LGA member volunteers. Committee Chairpersons must be Directors.
  • Monthly Membership Meetings +

    Monthly Membership Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month.  Meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. and are held at the Lake Gaston Baptist Church (2378 Eaton Ferry Road, Littleton, across from the Subway Restaurant). Guest speakers are invited to address lake-related topics, and Committee Chairs provide reports of their activities.
  • Openings +

    The Lake Gaston Association is always in need of additional experience and expertise within its Committees and on its Board of Directors. If you are interested in finding out how you can contribute, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put "Nominating Committee" in the subject field.
  • Updates to the Bylaws of the Lake Gaston Association +

    This organization is incorporated under the laws of the State of North Carolina and shall be known as the Lake Gaston Association, Inc. (Hereinafter the "LGA"). It shall be a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian organization. June 14, 2003 (revised) - June 12, 2004 (revised) - June 9, 2007 (revised) - June 13, 2009 (revised) - June 11, 2011 (revised) - June 17, 2023 (revised) - June

Lake Gaston Association Officers of the Board

  • Lake Gaston Association Executive Director

    Tammy Clarke

    Exec Director
  • Lake Gaston Association President

    Jeff Zimmer

  • Vice President
  • Lake Gaston Association Secretary

    Pat Price

  • Lake Gaston Association Treasurer

    Anne Wood

  • Lake Gaston Association Past President

    Brian Goldsworthy

    Past President

Lake Gaston Association Executive Director

The LGA added the Executive Director position to its staff on July 1, 2005. It is the only paid LGA position, part time at 20 hours/week, and was established primarily to provide continuity of effort and resident expertise for the Board of Directors who, as volunteers, experience considerable turnover.

The History of the Lake Gaston Association

The Association was conceived in September 1988

The Association was conceived in September 1988 by a group of concerned lake residents who realized that it was essential to protect the natural beauty of the lake while encouraging quality residential and commercial development. Because the property owners were spread throughout five counties and two states, many of who were part time residents with little or no voice or vote in local affairs, the founders determined that an organization that could speak with one voice to local governments on lake-related affairs was necessary. One of their primary concerns at the time was the high taxes being paid by lake property owners, hence the original name The Lake Gaston Taxpayers Association.
September 1988

In interests of their members

The organizers quickly found, however, that the interests of their members, then numbering approximately 500 families, were much broader than simply tax matters. In the spring of 1989, this realization led them to change the name of the organization to the Lake Gaston Association. The original 12 Directors identified three objectives for the Association:
  • To protect and advance the natural advantages, beauty and wholesome quality of life in the Lake Gaston area by ensuring the rights and concerns of all its members are heard and given full consideration in local, state, and federal government councils.
  • To find ways to contribute to the economy of the area and the well being of its citizens through the participation of its membership in worthy local activities.
  • To encourage voter registration and participation in local, state and national elections.
Spring 1989

A Growing Membership

Throughout the intervening years, those three objectives have remained the very core of the Association’s activities. Its membership has grown to over 1,300 households and businesses, and as its scope of involvement has expanded, so too has its Board of Directors to 25 – four from each of the five counties and five at large seats.
Sep 1999

Issues that have confronted property owners

Issues that have confronted property owners and the LGA since 1988 have been many and varied. They include taxes, noxious aquatic weeds, water quality, zoning and rezoning requests, power boat racing, emergency responses, navigation safety, hunting safety, fish stocking, the Virginia Beach pipeline, FERC relicensing, erosion control, police protection, flood zone mapping and many others.
June 2010

Lake Gaston Association Mission

Today, although the wording of the Association’s objectives has changed slightly, the Directors feel that their mission is essentially the same: To identify lake issues affecting our members and pursue a resolution with the responsible organizations. In this five-county two-state environment, the voice of the individual household and business property owner would be lost were it not for the LGA.