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The Virginia DEQ webpage now has a timeline that details what has recently taken place.  Please visit their website for the most current information.  You can also now submit questions on the form at the bottom of the webpage.  The LGA will also try to post the most current information on our Facebook page, so please follow it to be notified when there is a new post.


Anyone who joins the LGA after July 1, 2024, as a NEW member will pay $30 for a General Membership and that $30 will cover your membership for the remainder of 2024 and ALL of 2025! 

You can join by clicking on the Membership tab and pay by check, or if you would like to pay by credit card, please contact Anne Wood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange payment over the phone.



Charla Duncan, who is the Community and Economic Development Director for Warren County, asked the LGA to share the following information with our Warren County members:

At the June 3, 2024, meeting, the Warren County Board of Commissioners voted to implement a 5% occupancy tax on short-term lodging in Warren County effective July 1, 2024.  Warren County has created a webpage to house information about this process.  It is currently being developed and they hope to have more materials about the tax implementation on the webpage soon. For right now, there is a video explaining the occupancy tax process, legislation, and motivation (this was filmed prior to the public hearing).  Please be advised that Warren County is the last county on Lake Gaston to implement this tax, including the VA counties. The property owners that rent out their homes in the other four counties around Lake Gaston are already seeing their guests pay this accommodation tax.  The Warren County Finance Office will be handling the implementation and collections.

The link to the webpage is: https://www.warrencountync.com/876/Occupancy-Tax-5
For more information, please direct your inquiries to: 
Charla Duncan
Community & Economic Development Director
602 W. Ridgeway St., Warrenton, NC 27589
Office Ph. (252) 257-3115
Cell Ph. (252) 213-6510

Love snakes? Hate snakes? Would you like to learn more about the snakes of Lake Gaston and how to tell the difference between a venomous and non-venomous one? The guest speaker at the LGA's Annual Membership meeting was Carter Ricks. Carter is from Halifax, NC, and has had a passion for reptiles and amphibians since a young age. He has a bachelor's degree from NC State University in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, with a concentration in Wildlife Biology. He is currently a master's student at Western Carolina University, hoping to receive a degree in Biology this summer, with a concentration in Evolutionary Ecology. He has been a member of the NC Herpetological Society for several years and his presentation focused on copperheads, cottonmouths/water moccasins, and the species often mistaken for them, highlighting the traits that can be used to tell them apart. He also went over some other species that live around the lake that people could encounter (black snakes, green snakes, etc.), explained why snakes are ecologically important and helpful to people, plus dispelled some myths (rattlesnakes in the area, etc.).
The business portion of the meeting runs until the 18:20 minute mark, which is when the snake presentation begins.